Support Damian for the 2019 motionball Marathon Of Sport Toronto

Dear Family and Friends –

Firstly, for the many of you who supported motionball last year, I wanted to say an enormous thank you again.

Secondly, I am reaching out to ask again for your support. On May 25th, I am again participating in an all-day fundraiser called Marathon of Sport. My team, alongside a Special Olympic athlete, will be competing against similar teams in a variety of sports including basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, football, and more. In this context, all funds raised are donated to the Special Olympics Canada Foundation. This is an incredibly inspirational event and I would encourage all of you, in addition to potentially donating, to come and watch the event.

While there is absolutely no obligation to give, I would ask that you give generously to help support these athletes as they pursue their dreams. You can do so by clicking this link (

motionball events, since inception, have raised over $10 million for the Special Olympics Canada Foundation and I very much hope to make that a much bigger number this year.

Thank you for your support.


Special Olympics Athletes On My Team

Fundraising Totals

I have raised $5,650 out of my goal of $6,000


My team has raised $10,750 out of our goal of $3,000


My Wall Of Awesome

  • William Rice  $100
  • Cameron Cummings  $200
  • Nick Senst  $200
  • David Owen Cord  $100
  • Layth Ashoo
  • Corey Obermayer  $100
  • Vagh Bakhshyan  $100
  • Evan Zehnal
  • Andrew Leung
  • Myles Millard
  • Dave Armstrong  $100
  • Michael Creber  $250
  • Damian Creber
  • Steve Akman  $100
  • Jeremy Drucker
  • Robert Buesing
  • Paul Edwards  $150
  • Jason Klein
  • Ben Hoban
  • Ahmed Suria
  • Colton Creber  $100
  • Lauren Harmon
  • Michael Herman  $100
  • Peter Mantas  $100
  • Jason Kirsch  $100
  • Jason Liu
  • Matthew Hall
  • Meredith Trivedi  $100
  • Brad Leufkens  $100
  • Shane Rice  $25
  • Jeremy Weisstub  $750
  • Imran Siddiqui  $100
  • Damian Creber
  • Rudy Bocchicchio


motionball for Special Olympics is a registered not-for-profit corporation, raising money for Special Olympics programs across Canada. 70% of the funds we raise are distributed to programs in the province where they are raised, with the remainder going to the long-term funding of programs through the Special Olympics Canada Foundation.

While COVID-19 has affected us all, Special Olympics athletes are feeling the effects of this global pandemic more than most. Sport programs are suspended, competitions have been cancelled, and many athletes remain stuck indoors, at a greater risk of contracting COVID-19 than the general population. Now more than ever, the role of motionball in these athlete’s lives is incredibly important. As one of the Special Olympics’ largest funding partners in Canada, motionball has donated over $13M to date. motionball supporters are dedicated to ensuring that every local club and program can return stronger than before, and that no Special Olympics athlete is left behind.

  • 49,626

    The number of Special Olympics athletes across Canada

  • 20,184

    Child and youth Special Olympics athletes across Canada

  • 21,953

    The number of Special Olympics Canada volunteers

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