Support Sean Etherington for the 2024 motionball Marathon Of Sport Toronto

It's that time of year again, when I dust off my cleats and start to prepare for the Toronto Marathon of Sport on June 8th. I may not be as spry as I was back in 2002 when we founded motionball, but this day is ultimately about raising funds and awareness for Special Olympics.

The highlight of the day will be the 100 Special Olympics athletes that take the field with us. Our motto has always been Educate-Integrate-Celebrate and this day celebrates that to the fullest. Our athlete is Caitlin Coyle, who has been a fixture on our squad for years. Beyond her athletic abilities, she is simply a superb human being that makes our team better in every possible way, on and off the field.

The Toronto MOS is our largest nationally, and we hope to raise net proceeds of $450,000 from this event as we embark on our $2M target for the year. Naturally, a big element is pledging, and I appreciate your consideration.

To learn more about motionball for Special Olympics, please visit us at

Thanks for your support.


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Fundraising Totals

I have raised $19,350 out of my goal of $10,000


My team has raised $37,379 out of our goal of $25,000


My Wall Of Awesome

  • Sean Etherington  $2,000
  • Sam Johnston  $500
  • Tom Cooney  $350
  • Anonymous
  • Tom and Patricia Muir  $1,000
  • CI Financial  $5,000
  • Chris Enright  $10,000
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